Sunday, March 11, 2012

Farewell Facebook

For the last month, maybe longer, I've contemplated leaving Facebook. There were various reasons as to why I wanted to leave, everything from a lack of time, lack of interest, and the fact that I started to feel obligated when it came to posting status updates for every little thing that took place in my life.

So after breaking the news on Facebook, today I finally deactivated my account. And although I like knowing that if I wanted to go back for any reason I could, I am a bit unhappy knowing all of my information is still floating around out there. Unfortunately, there's not an actual way to delete your account, unless you painstakingly delete every photo, every status, ect.


I'm looking forward to being back on Blogger and writing, rather than feeling confined to a "status". I'm looking forward to more reading, more crafts, more cooking, more photography, and more time for Bible study - something I've been seriously neglecting.

Speaking of more reading! Early this morning (and by early I mean 2:00am!) I bought the online Kindle version of "The Hunger Games". Although I'm not entirely impressed with the book so far, the price on Amazon was impressive - I got all three books for less than $20!

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